International property fraud. I lost my home through corporate corruption, this is my story.

CHAPTER 1: THIS IS MY STORY - the property exhibition.

It started with an advert in a paper.  The deception began immediately as the advert was dishonestly presented; the deadly tarantula preparing to inject its lethal venom.  A slow concoction of deceit continues for months thereafter.  I was handed a paper in the local café that I frequented for lunch.  The advertisement read, “Property Exhibition” with more text giving location and dates.  I was in the process of selling my home.  I had Cyprus as a destination in mind.  I just needed to bank the liquid assets once sold and sever any regional root.  The advert immediately conjured up an image of a multitude of property-promoting companies, each presenting a vast variety of habitable structures from around the globe, so I thought it would do no harm to go and look.  How wrong that imagery was.  Many would have discovered the deception quite quickly on arrival at the exhibition hall.  Once inside the first hook successfully reeled in the catch by simply getting one there.

What was wrong?  There was only one property company present, entirely MRI, with representatives from all locations where it sold international properties.  This company insults the intelligence with its claim that there was more than one company present because of the attendance of Capital Finance (CP) and the Spanish based Martinez-Echevarria, Perez y Ferrero lawyers (Mel).  CP is a company set up by Mr. MacAnthony for advancing loans, and the Mel acted for MRI making them hardly independent.  There were no other property promoters present so this is an exclusive exhibition to MRI, which they failed to reveal in their adverts.  This company takes this one step further by claiming they represent all the contractors from each location even though they are not present.  The truth is that they are nothing more than a middleman, one of many in-between men.  Those contractors have many agents trying to sell their properties; none is specific to this company as all agents represent those contractors only in order to sell their properties.  MRI does not surrender detailed information about those contractors as companies, so they are not in any way represented at this exhibition; neither do they push one contractor rather than another.  This is not an exhibition in the way anyone would naturally understand one to be with a vast variety of companies to choose from; MRI did not like sharing, only deceiving.

Are you getting the picture exactly how this company operated and views us all as idiots right from the word go?  It has to view us all as nincompoops because it could not operate in the way that it does if it did not.  How does it go in the crime films where the confidence tricksters are the heroes?  “The mark,” you literally become “the mark," and you are treated as such?  All is now set and poised to exploit right from the word go: within the first few sentences from the salesperson’s mouth, the extraction of as much cash as possible from “the mark” starts.

Arriving at the property exhibition.

Walking up the steps to the great hall in Belfast and in through the doors.  There you meet your initial corporate operative, first contact made as the suited representative stood behind a desk completing the form of the obstacle.  This to me seems like a rude intrusion into my plan, even though it was meant to be helpful.  Yes, I did have a plan, an easy to manipulate kind of plan that did a vanishing act at an incredible speed.  I tried to side step and direct my attention away from this obstruction, to avoid any conversation, but somehow I ended up right in front of it.  My first instinct was to vocalise a strong “GET LOST” to any enquiry or polite “Hello."  I really did not hunger for any contact at this point.  I preferred to take a gander around the presentations and stop as and when something grabbed my attention.  “I want to look at properties in Cyprus” I exclaimed, wondering what happened to the aggressive “GET LOST” after responding to a polite “Can I help you?" question, which came hurtling at me like a fully loaded missile.  It must have been the resulting explosion that disabled the planned outburst.  I know it was intended to be helpful, but I find approaches very rude at these types of venues and view with suspicion any attempt to herd me into any specific niche, casting the net to reel you in before any other has an opportunity.  A quick up-thrust and outward projection of the arm and the direction to the Cyprus table was adequately pointed out, about halfway down the hall to the right.  That’s strange, where are all the stalls with competing colourful banners and different company logos?  No distinctive rows and alleys to walk up and down with high sided cubicles offering each its own delights in private, or at least attempting to restrict intrusion from one another.  I can see around the whole hall, low four-legged constructions arranged in groups, not a single obstruction in sight, not the normal exhibition one would expect to see.

By the time I had reached the Cyprus table, after plotting a course and navigating around all the others, I had forgotten my initial mental yellow sticky note of such an unconventional setup, now obscured by distraction.  I sat down at a small uncluttered piece of furniture, that could seat about 4-5 people around its perimeter.  The young woman on the other side greeted me after I had clarified that this was indeed the Cyprus location, as there was no marking to distinguish it from any of the other locations.  A younger man, who remained silent and was seated next to the saleswoman got up and left a few minutes into the verbal exchange.  I quickly gave an account that I was interested in buying in Cyprus, as I had sold my home and was just waiting for all the procedures to complete in about 6-8 weeks time.

How soon does the enticement to buy more start?

Then it started, like the roar of a NASA space shuttle seconds after ignition, precisely there at that very moment.  At that time, I would not have been able to see clearly the objective of the corporate operative, but I am now a lot wiser after the event and know how things are. I can pinpoint the very second and words that began the transformation from a potential client into “the mark,” and marked I became.

Saleswoman: “Why do you just want to buy only one house?”

A little taken back at the alien’s first attempt to communicate beyond hello, that's what it seemed like to me, a concept way beyond our known universe hit me unexpectedly.  It became even weirder as I probed its nature.

The mark (me): “I do not understand; I only want one, one to live in.”

The alien (saleswoman): “You could buy two, divide your money up with mortgages and rent one out to cover those mortgages.”

The mark: “I could not get a mortgage as I have not worked for four years with any income, I only have the money from the sale of my home; no one would give me a mortgage.”

The alien: “We can get you mortgages--!”

I wondered if there was some form of physical abnormality hidden under the hair or makeup: pointy ears, skeletal ridges or colourful markings, possibly a universal translator disguised as jewellery so as not to give away a species from another planet.  Or maybe just a collaborating human and not an alien at all.

 It does not matter how the rest of the conversation went.  The seed had been planted and from my side of the universe, far removed from the alien’s home planet and the true hidden nature of the suggestion, it appeared to have its merits.  New induced ideas were now swimming around the grey matter as I tried to grasp this mysterious unknown formula.  Inquisitive thoughts of “what is this new-found knowledge I have just been introduced to?"  I had not seen a single brochure or been introduced to any type of property, nor was I at any time while in the exhibition as far as I can remember.  There were no conversations about the lifestyle or locations.  Absolutely nothing, and yet I was being sucked in.  It got even weirder.

I was offered a cheap flight to Cyprus as a deal on offer at that time.  It was about £96.50p return, just under the 100 quid.  You will grasp why I remember this in just a minute.  I accepted without much more ado, happy at this point on how simple everything was but unaware that the spider’s web was being spun with a very sticky sting attached.  Each property sold by the promoter on behalf of a contractor or builder nets commission for the promoter, a need-to-know fact for the client to be able to assess a property's true investment potential.  Ten percent is probably the minimum.  That's 10,000 Euros commission in every 100,000 Euros, so the strategy is to get your punter to buy more than one.  You can work out the figures.  The light must be beginning to dawn; we are only about 10 minutes into the presentation.

Encouraging punters to take mortgages is the key to increased profit.  You can see how owning a finance company can benefit your trade, particularly when it is endowed with low morals and few scruples.  Mortgages can be offered even if the consumer is not likely to get one.  See how you are not really a client but "the mark!"  No helpful sign for your benefit like you get at the supermarket "buy one get one free."  In MRI’s case that sign would read "buy one and then another and lose twice as much."  I can now imagine that text written on a label hanging around the saleswoman’s neck.  The secret the promoter knows is that as soon as you have paid that deposit, from that point it is almost impossible to get it back without an expensive legal battle which can take years, and there is no assurance you will win.  The deposits are normally paid within a few months from the original agreement to buy.  In my case, with uncompleted or off-plan builds, all the elements were not in place beforehand to ensure that I received what I had purchased.  Later when the build is completed and the discovery that something is not as presented, it is too late, they have your money.  Now denied that promised mortgage, you were given the figures promoting they could obtain one, but alas it is not to be.  They have your money; the chances of recovery have just become extinct.  There is also the possibility that there is no build at all, or construction commenced then faltered for a number of reasons.  They still have your money.  Depending on how strong or weak the clauses are in the contract, determines how much of battle you will have to look forward to for reclaiming that deposit.

Off plan versus a complete build- lack of protection.

My experience has taught me to stay away from off-plan builds.  No matter how enticing that saving or how lucrative the capital growth looks, treat it like a deadly plague, one that could soon be munching at your bank account.  A virus that infects all those crispy clean bank notes which are clearly yours: a virus that transfers their ownership to another, and you end up with nothing in return.  Better to buy an investment that is tangible, where all the elements are clear and visible through the whole process.  No payments made until mortgages are obtained.  If you can see it and touch it, apart from earthquakes, violent revolutions or death in the family, then you can be sure you will get what you are paying for.

If you are reading this, and you are thinking about bank guarantees or the legal system that should be there to help put right this foul deed, do not proceed any further because you are in error.  Bank guarantees are rarely, if at all, worth the paper they are written on and can be withdrawn in an instant for the slightest of reasons.  Your lawyer and contract are probably your only legal leverage that you will have to help retrieve lost capital if events turn pear-shaped.  Have you really read your contract and understood it?  There is a lot to be warned about on contracts, more details later in another chapter.  The promoter wants to re-arrange the elements such as the lawyer, in a way to remove it out of the equation of your armoury, and into the armoury of his own.  By providing a pretend independent substitute and then supplying a contract slanted against your interests, you have been basically stripped naked: you have nothing left but a weak Kung Fu scream without the follow-up punch.  Your lawyer and contract should be your knights in shining armour, but they can easily be manipulated to become nothing more than a rusty old tin can.

How much in commission payments?

So I have now been primed: not one but at least two properties, and this corporate collection of insects know I have money coming.  If I had any sense, I would not have divulged that piece of information.  If I had any sense, I would have erected the skeletal framework into the upright position and walked out there and then.  Letting them into the visual framework that their effort is worth it, and has a high potential of yielding profit is not a good position to put oneself in.  There is not just a reward but a chance to relieve this individual of a huge chunk of money.  Think about this: if there is a commission of 10,000 euros on every 100,000 euros for the promoter, then how can that property be presented as an investment?  Has the contractor already not taken this into account and the prices hiked to compensate?  You could save that amount by going direct to the builder and bartering the price down.  In other words, the promoter is taking a large chunk of your investment profit.  How many years are needed before that property can recuperate that amount?  At the beginning of a boom maybe easily over the first few years, one would hope.  However, booms are short, slow down then disappear in recession.  Those commissions never decrease, only increase.  Very easily you will get it wrong and end up with a loss.  Thousands get it in error; some so erroneous it ruins their lives.  I believe the strategy goes something like this, as the sales slowdown, the commission goes up to compensate for the reduced income on less sales.  The aim is to maintain profit levels; this is the only tactical move a promoter can make to maintain that.

But try this for size.  What if the promoter is receiving 25,000 Euros per property sold regardless of its sale price.  Let’s say a property at 135,000 Euros yields a commission of 25,000 Euros to the promoter.  How on earth can this be presented as an investment to the client?  But it was.  Both the contractor and the promoter hide the commission as it is not your concern how they operate.  If you knew this level of commission from the purchase price was going to another party, would you go ahead and buy a property of this value?  Or of any other value.  It should have become clearer by now why it is hidden away, not voluntarily surrendered by either into the equation to the buyer so one can make an accurate assessment of the true investment value.  You would not buy; but neither the promoter nor the contractor wants to lose the sale, so there is an unspoken collusion operating between them.  Withholding vital information is just the same as the lie and is deliberate deception.  Equivalent to spinning a yarn or presenting a fact incorrectly, yet if you ask for the commission payment levels you will be told that it is none of your concern.  However, it is very much your concern.  To gain over 25,000 Euros in capital growth from a property is most likely never going to happen until many years after.  When taxes, lawyers’ fees and a multitude of other costs above that commission are added, this will increase the time to realise a profit dramatically.  Particularly if like me, you buy when everything is starting to slide into recession, and you're unaware, then your fate from that point on has been determined, you are only going to lose.  The promoters and contractors know, but they continue to fleece the “the mark,” that’s why you are a “mark” and not a client.

At this point you are going to throw money into a black hole, and the only option is to get out; that's what I did and I recovered 37,000 Euros from a 62,000 Euros deposit.  Do the maths: that is a loss of 25,000 Euros.  The contractor made nothing; it all went to MRI in commission.  They cannot lose once you pay that deposit; the commission is passed on within months of surrendering that amount.  That’s what it is all about for the promoter, you paying the deposit.  I will go into more detail later about this particularly property in another chapter, why I had to get out.  When you see the figures it becomes clear it was my only option.

MRI recommendation that investment in Spain would be better.

The young man returned and asked me to move to a different table.  After enquiring why, he explained that property investments were better in Spain, and if I moved to the table dealing with Spanish properties, it would be best for me.  Why I passively obeyed is a mystery as I had no interest in moving to Spain.  Maybe it was an inquisitive move as it could do no harm in looking.  On reflection, I can remember the disappointed look on the saleswoman’s face as I left her universe to traverse the galaxies to be greeted by another alien of the same MRI species, but male on the other side.  Pondering that disappointed expression of her face I now understand.  I think at the time subconsciously I understood but not to its full extent.  I would be disappointed to lose a sale to a bunch of male chauvinistic villains.  It was also obvious that I was being cased as the youthful man had related my details to others, who then sought to cash in through manipulating my requirements.

Later as I looked around I gained a distinct impression that I was in some mafia-type setup.  The suited men gathered in groups and discussed the potential of the “mark,” the atmosphere was provoking this kind of mental imagery to be conjured up.  The dominant, mafia males stole from the female her sale; yet she did nothing about it just looked disappointed.  One simple question from her would have halted the future that happened from transpiring, “Do you really want to go to Spain?”  That’s all it would have taken for me to reassess my actions.  “No of course I do not want to go to Spain,” I could have then turned on the young man and issued a “get lost!”  Or something not quite so sharp.  I had the deal of a cheap ticket to Cyprus, how was I going to end up in Spain?  What I did not understand was that I would not be going to Cyprus, and I did not.  I still cannot grasp why I deviated from my chosen course as I was not really presented with anything to inspire me to change it, but I did.  As the signs of caution raised their ugly head, I just ignored them all.  Maybe the coffee from the machine had been drugged to scramble my ability to resist.  I do not know and five years later I still cannot grasp why I became so passive.  The air ticket was then purchased to go to Spain.  I surrendered a £100 in cash, and to my surprise, when the receipt was returned, no change accompanied it.  On enquiring why, the explanation was that the airfare to Spain was a lot higher than to Cyprus.  The salesman had subsidised the balance out of his own pocket, and as I had been offered a price to go to Cyprus. They could not ask me to pay more, except the £4.50p in change that is, as they appeared to have no intention of returning even the smallest of unjustified payment.

Bullying - you must buy while on the inspection trip.

While the salesman was away purchasing my ticket, several pointers that I should not go to Spain emerged.  Again, why I ignored all the signs is a headache-producing think through process.  The young man politely pointed out that I had to buy a property while I was in Spain.  Amused at such forwardness, I brushed it aside as a trivial remark from such a youngster.  The point here is the mafia style approach, the “threat,” even though amusing.  I wondered exactly what would happen to me if I did not buy anything.  Through suspicious eyes and with a deliberate stern expression,  I resolved to present strength and steel, determined not to be bullied, I replied, "if the investment proved to be as good as they have presented then I will buy, but if it is not I will not.”  Actually, as I have already pointed out, there was not that much of a presentation, only a string of words which would prove to be full of falsehood.

Would you have gone?  I did.  I put myself under the illusion that I was strong enough not to be intimidated, that I was in my own safe hands.  I did not understand the deception which was taking place as such a thing was well beyond my experience and understanding.  All you need is access to 6,000 Euros, either cash or card, while in Spain to pay the retainer fee on one property.  It is not worth going otherwise: that is their criteria because if you do not have a retainer fee in one form or the other, the corporate sucking machine is simply wasting its time.  So I could not see how any meek intimidating threat that “I had to buy” could be carried out with any meaningful intention to gain.  I did only take 6,000 Euros, and that was on a card and not in cash so at most could at most buy one property.  That was my safeguard not to be fleeced or led into something that was not to my advantage.  I felt comfortable with my position as I reasoned it all out.  A few days in Spain sightseeing potential properties even though I did not really want one there, could not do any harm.  That last sentence was a joke even though it does not appear like one, but you will get it later, just as I did.  So how did it transpire that I bought four?  Four times 6,000 = 24,000 - the MRI miracle: how to get you to part with four times the money you actually have.  A miracle that diminishes the “marks” financial wealth by four times as much and increases MRI’s profit by four times as much.

In a very short time, I have moved from wishing to purchase a property to live in, to buying as an investment.  I did not enter the hall with that intention.  Of course one looks for capital growth in a property, but now I am buying for investment as a priority and not just a home.  MRI lost my money through poor and crooked advice and there is a need for it to be returned.

First contact with Capital Finance, have it all now, no need to wait.

While sipping my coffee and waiting for that nice, warm-in -the-sun air ticket to arrive, a man with a rather well advanced cold came and sat at my table.  The young man had ventured away, so the introduction started with a heavy briefcase clunking down on the table top followed by a series of sniffles.  The coffee shivered from the vibration as the table rocked to the kinetic energy just applied to it.  I should have done the same instead of mussing politely the intent of such an intrusion, the arrival of another bloodsucker.  The finance side of MRI was now invading my space, with harmful intent it appears as the conversation unfolded.  Get this, be warned, the sign from the depths of hell sat before me, and I still went to Spain!  Capital Finance is a company set up by Mr. MacAnthony, so under MRI chains proceeded to offer me access to money before I had even sold my home and had the dosh in the bank.  The implicit in the spoken conversation was something like this, "Why wait for the sale?  I can give you loads on the strength of the sale.  Sign here on the dotted line.  Of course there is interest to be paid, but you will have the money now.  Spend it and enjoy."  Is this not how all credit is promoted, the bright side upper most and made to look so enticing, the real stinger of sucking the life out of you cleverly disguised with “you can have it all now, no need to wait?"

At least I saw through this blood-sucking moron.  It is a pity I did not transfer that into the whole MRI style of presentation.  I would still be a lot richer today and not knowingly supporting their multi rich lifestyles.  I deflected the conversation after a while by remarking that he should be at home in bed.  The response was a little startling.  It seems he is forced to attend as though a life-and-death event would take place if he did not.  It was his job to approach people and offer the financial services as a must and not an option.  I received what I perceived as a half apology for trying to get me to part with loot before it was actually required for any purpose of property purchase.  This is not just one bloodsucker, but an infestation of life-blood guzzling suckers as in a multitudinous infestation.  All I can see, now at this later period in time, is this slimy puppet with the real deal obscured behind the scenes somewhere.  Defending and destroying this frontal attack successfully, deepened the illusion that I was in control.  I could go to Cyprus later.

Into the future - further sales pressure to buy more.

I want to fast-forward a ways to carry on the momentum of the greedy, unchecked, sanguineous sucking nature of MRI.  House sold; deposits paid, now renting in Spain and waiting for completion on the first two properties in several months’ times. I received a phone call from MRI.  We are about the end of April beginning of May 2007, and I have not been in Spain long, a few weeks or a month at most.  It is a beautiful, lazy summery day, and I am walking down one of those ever so familiar outdoor avenues of cafes and shops that look and feel sterile in character.  Designed for the Brit or European wanting the sunshiny Mediterranean lifestyle, seducing the senses into believing they are in a foreign climate by cleverly disguising a fake of the real by announcing, "You are now in Spain."  Really?  You are not!  Yes it is sunnier and warmer, but this is not the real Spain.  This is designer Spain, designed to satisfy your gourmet palate of what you believe Spain should be.  The buildings are all bland and squished together to produce maximum profit.  Some attempt at architecture has taken place but failed as huge housing estates and long rows of terraced homes are speedily thrown up and built to tempt you to buy here.  I can shiver at the thought now but at one point I was taken in by all this.  It did not take long for it to wear off.  This is not what I really wanted but had blindly rushed into something that I believed I did, or had been convinced by another that I did.

I headed for lunch at an ENGLISH owned establishment, which imported ENGLISH style food.  I thought I was here to get away from English type things.  I want Mediterranean type things.  OK, some needed to be catered for, I’m not knocking it, but this is not what I had in mind.  I must admit Cornish pasties were tempting - not for me of course being a veggie - but the vegetable alternative had its attraction.  Yum!  Yum!  That distinctive, folded pastry.  I can still see the buildings on either side, the brick tiled pavement, not a tree in sight.  Actually, there are one or two palms in pots if that gets by as a tree.  It is tempting to launch into a descriptive list of the poor quality of the buildings and all that makes them a bad bet as an investment here, but that can wait until later.

This was the second phone call I had received from MRI head office.  The first enquiring if  I would be interested in being presented in their magazine as a satisfied investor as I had purchased four properties: two due to complete in May and June 2007, one to live in, and one to rent out; and a further two off-plan investments to complete late summer 2009.  This first call was received on the way to catch the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao on the North coast of Spain.  If you go before the high season, the ferry ticket works out cheaper than driving all across France.  Two days and nights by sea with your feet up is a lot less stressful than 2-3 days of solid driving.  I remember waving good-bye to the UK from the stern as the boat set sail steeped in a romantic sunset.  I played the scene from Titanic as the ship began its venture to a new land, the pair enthusiastically waving to pretend loved ones amongst the crowd on the dockside, the big difference being that there was no crowd.  I politely declined the MRI offer but would get back later.  As I did not know how the sequence in this comedy play ended it seemed sensible not to jump the gun.  Of course I never did get back.  It was not going to work out well at all, quite the opposite.  I would have been happy to submit something reflecting the content of this book though.

This phone call was completely different; the greedy leeches could not resist their corrupt senses to try to gain more, if not drain every last cent or penny without a single sign of remorse.  I knew already that MRI had a file on me.  It only made sense, being a client.  It is natural and not something sinister, but was going to be used for a menacing purpose.  The original salesman claimed he had chosen the properties to show me from information in that file.  It would be interesting to see exactly how that text, which would now be updated, represented me.  In those written words I can imagine terms like “sucker,” “easily deceived,” “will believe anything,”  “a good bet to suck more out of,” would litter the pages.  Maybe they are right, but they failed to understand that someone uniformed trusted them, rather than a sucker that believes absolutely anything and everything, but took on-board their presentation as being true and wanted to trust.  I trusted because I have no experience of this level of deception and would find it hard to believe it could be this aggressive.  It just goes to show how respectability through the corporate model is manipulated and projected to shroud its corrupt intent.

Putting together all the elements that made me trust from my own situation is overly complicated to put into words easily and simply.  I threw caution to the wind through trust.  I believed I needed to at the time to make this move work; the situation seemed to present itself this way around.  I put myself into the hands of another and believed that I needed to do that, when in fact, now that I am a lot wiser know I did not need to do this at all.  However, it could be that MRI did not fail to understand: I was just the type of “the mark” that they preyed upon.  Difficult to believe?  Then take note of this quote from one salesperson: “These dummy Brits come here and are easy to deceive and sell overpriced properties.”  That is a second-hand quote from a very reliable source inside MRI.

I know, three paragraphs later and I still have not explained that second telephone call, maybe because there is just so much to explain and I have not even fired the starting pistol yet.  The phone rings, mobile of course, I answer and the male voice at the end after the pleasantries are over introduces himself as from MRI sales.  He then proceeded to give details of properties in Cyprus.  Why Cyprus?  I am on their files as originally wanting to go there and not Spain.  I explained that I had not worked through the properties that I had purchased already and really was not in a position to be interested in Cyprus.  The investment potential was further pushed.  I let slip that the money I had left in the bank was there to help me get through here in Spain, and I did not want to spend it.  Letting them know that I had anything was a big mistake as the salesperson launched into, “Can you not use that to put a deposit down of something, like 15,000 Euros as they were very good investment properties.”  The question to you is, how would you feel at this point?  I know I felt angry.  It was not enough to say that I could not really afford it; they wanted to suck me dry of any money I had to help with what I had so far bought through them.  It is fair to submit that this salesman knew how much MRI had already made out of me.  The suggested 15,000 was most likely the MRI commission gain on this property in Cyprus.  This call was not for my benefit.  Thoughtless, heartless, caring only for profit, selfish and greedy - there is a whole string of words I could use here, but what about this one “EVIL."  Overly strong language you may conclude, then take a look at what the Concise English dictionary has to say:

The Concise English Dictionary gives this definition – extremely wicked and immoral – harmful or tending to harm - great wickedness and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.

If this is what the nature of the word implies, is this not applicable to describe their intentional actions.  They wanted to take everything for their own profit; inflict illness and poverty by sucking me dry.  As for the supernatural, was Lucifer present through this exchange?  Well, in the background unawares to them, I could hear the breathing of another.  Someone else was directing that phone call: it could have been a sales training call, but the breathing could be heard.  I detected the move to anger as I became resistant to any further persuasion.  The person in the background obviously directing the caller became frustrated.  This course seduction failed to produce results, making the individual most likely look a bit silly.  I can imagine that I was perceived as an easy touch and this should be a straightforward enticement.  Failure was not allowed and when it occurred, the unseen one became angry.  The heavy breathing could be detected quite easily and certainly was not the caller.  One could sense the anger and vexation in the breath down the telephone.  Who was the unseen?  I can imagine him as being red and scaly with rather large horns protruding upward from the skull, a swinging, arrow tipped tail, pitchfork resting against the table as it directed its devilish operation.  Fire and a reeking spew issued forth from the mouth in its anger as flames licked around its body.  That's probably why it could not make the call directly, and had to coerce others to do the work because all solid matter literally disintegrated in its grasp.  The salesperson must have been wearing fireproof clothing like racing drivers as he would otherwise have ended up in a pile of ashes on the floor.

MRI policy to push for more.

I was not impressed, but the point is this: if such a call can be made, then it is within the policy of MRI leadership and the Dictators, oops!  Directors, as part of a corporate strategy “to take everything and give back nothing.”  This company is heartless and if it does have a heart, it is as black as the deepest murky black can get, completely devoid of any light.  Needless to say, I politely terminated the call.  I wondered how that call would have gone several months on in the future as the realisation that MRI had falsified every single point, and all the advised investments were totally false.  The poor salesman, would have had a fiery hell on one side and an even more intense raging inferno on the other, seeking to thrust him into a lake of fire at that very instant.

Just to clarify, Lucifer, or any of the names he trades under does not look anything like the description I have put forward, one of his agents might.  Lucifer, the fallen angel wears a corporate suit of many disguises and is quite pleasant and well-polished, but with the sting of death well hidden within all that it does.  He does not reveal who he is as you see portrayed in films.  You did not know that?  You cannot possibly be that gullible to believe he will turn up with a fiery, flaming pitchfork and all the rest of the paraphernalia so you know who he is.  Nevertheless, that is what many believe: this deceiver announces itself in some form, offers you a heart’s desire contract with “sign here on the dotted line and it’s all yours.”  Part of his main armoury is that he does not exist, if you do not believe he really is - mum’s the word.  Everything is done to propagate that belief so that the corporate suit, or any suit and tie, or respectable guise is his tool.  Maybe I should have called this book “Dancing with the Devil,” but maybe you can see where “Burning Down The Bricks” has come from and the cover graphic has a mildly hellish appearance reflected into it.

There is a lot of advice coming over the next chapters as I expand on my story to help others avoid what I went through.  The inglorious salesperson, inglorious lawyers and law firm couple with inglorious financial providers and contractors, who are not an innocent party in all this but co-opt in willingly to the overall deception to sell their properties at any cost.  Then you discover that there is no system to help put right all this wrongdoing outside of expensive lawyers and lawsuits, and I really mean absolutely not a sausage.  Surprised?  Well you need to believe it, because if you ever get into the position that I am in, it is too late to believe it, all there is left to be said is “I told you so.”

I must finish this chapter by saying that it gets worse.  As I scurry around options and lawyers to try to get my money back I find the same corruption rife everywhere.  I can no longer approach a lawyer without seeing the deception and corruption around every corner.  Many lawyers are not interested in justice but just lining their own pockets through another individual’s misfortune: because they are very much a part of the same system.  Why is it that I always end up with the bad one?  Where is the Robin Hood of lawyers?  Justice wrapped around the heart as its sole motivation.  Please someone point one out.

It takes a very special lawyer to sue another lawyer.  The lawyers whom MRI promoted are a part of the overall, criminal intent, just as much as MRI and all the other elements are.  They need to be brought to justice.  However, if they all belong to the same system, then lawyers understand other lawyers and are reluctant to take action against another of their own kind.  Sloppy, soft-hearted and mushy sympathy permeates the profession towards itself; to cut through this requires a truly special, hard-nosed type of justice keeper.


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